Carol Bruggeman

Front End Developer


Super Sticky Notes

A single page application built with React that allows users to add, edit, delete, and search sticky notes for to-dos or task management.

Skills: React, Lifecycle Methods

Tools: Code Sandbox

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Guess the Word Game

In this interactive game built with JavaScript, players get eight tries to guess a word, letter by letter.

Skills: JavaScript, API

Tools: GitHub Pages

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unplugged websitescreenshot
Unplugged Retreat

A multi-page, responsive website for a company retreat built with Flexbox. A clean, efficient site which integrates a Google Maps feature and responsive elements.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Tools: Photoshop, GitHub Pages, Chrome DevTools

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fictional university website screenshot
Fictional University

This is a WordPress website for a fictional university. I created a custom theme from an HTML/CSS template and built an interactive site with custom pages and post types, implementing several plugins to make content management a breeze from the admin dashboard.

Skills: WordPress, PHP, custom themes

Tools: Advanced Custom Fields plugin, Members plugin

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Rogue Pickings

A simple, single-page, responsive homepage for a local restaurant. Initially built as a static site, I converted it to a responsive layout with Flexbox.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Tools: GitHub Pages, Photoshop, Chrome DevTools

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Git & the Command Line

FTP Client

Code Editors



Chrome DevTools

About Me

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Hi! šŸ‘‹ My name is Carol Bruggeman. After working in healthcare as a physician assistant for several years, I have spent the last 1+ years working toward a career change as a front end developer. After caring for patients in the emergency department throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I found that my priorities and career goals had undergone a major shift. I began looking for a career that would allow me to use my problem-solving skills, strong background in teamwork, and creativity while also leaving me with more time and energy to spend with my loved ones. As I researched opportunities in the tech industry, I quickly realized that a career as a front end developer was a perfect fit. I decided to enroll in the Skillcrush Break Into Tech Program and relished in the challenge of learning a completely new skill set. I have grown to find that building websites and web applications is both fulfilling and fun, and I would love to code your next website or collaborate on a project! When Iā€™m not coding, you can find me in the kitchen experimenting with new vegan recipes, reading a horror novel for my spooky book club, or hanging out with my dogs.